Best Starter Kits

There are numerous starter kits for Raspberry Pi users. These are great for getting several of the basic parts you may want for a specific project as well as providing a number of sensors and moving parts that allow you to learn to use a Raspberry Pi.

SunFounder Sensor Kit V2.0

I’m a big fan of the SunFounder Sensor Kit V2.0. This kit comes with 37 sensors and a project book that teaches you how to use all of them. This is a great introductory kit for anyone looking to get started with Raspberry Pi. I think the instructions are very clear and easy to follow making this great for a beginner.


  • 37 Sensors
  • Well documented projects
  • Nice case for parts
  • Usable with any Raspberry Pi model


  • No power supply
  • No HDMI cable or connector
  • No USB cable or connector
  • No MicroSD card

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3B+ Ultimate Starter Kit

CanaKit has been rolling out Raspberry Pi resources for years so they are experts when it comes to starter kits. Their Ultimate Starter Kit is great for someone who has absolutely no Raspberry Pi experience. It doesn’t come with a bunch of sensors but does have a nice breakout board with a couple of LED’s and buttons to get your feet wet. It also comes with all of the basics to get started with your Raspberry Pi.


  • Easy to use documentation
  • Includes case, power supply, and HDMI Cable
  • MicroSD preloaded with NOOBS
  • Clear Case
  • Not Overwhelming


  • No sensors
  • The power supply doesn’t work with Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Includes a Raspberry Pi (I prefer to buy mine separately)

Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero W Basic Starter Kit

This is the perfect starter kit if you want to play with a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero W Kit comes with just enough to get started with a Raspberry Pi Zero W at a very affordable cost. One of my favorite parts is the interchangeable covers for the case so you can have optional access to the GPIO.


  • Very affordable
  • Case with interchangeable covers
  • Includes pins and camera adapter


  • Only designed for Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Doesn’t include sensors or LED’s