Best Battery

The Raspberry Pi is such a versatile line of development boards that they can be used for almost anything. Often you need the ability to make them mobile and will want to power them with a battery.

Which battery do I recommend? I recommend the Charmast 20800 mAh power bank for the Raspberry Pi as it has a massive capacity and accurately displays its current capacity.

Charmast 208000mAh Power Bank

This is the power bank that I would recommend by far. With one of the largest capacities of a 5V bank that I’ve ever seen along with a great display, this is a top pick no brainer.


The number one reason that this bank makes the top of the list is the enormous capacity. 20800mAh! I thought there as an extra zero added in somewhere but when I started using it I saw for myself how great this battery is.

How long will that much power last? Here’s a table to show you.

ModelBare Board AmperageEstimated Lifespan
Zero W100maA208 hours
2B250mA83.2 hours
3B400mA52 hours
3B+500mA41.6 hours
4B600mA34.7 hours

I personally tend to use the Zero W for most of my projects as many of them do not require much processing power. When I saw I could run my board for over a week straight on a battery I was sold.


The second great feature of the Charmast is its digital display. The display gives the remaining capacity down to the nearest percent. That means no more guessing how much charge the battery has so you can confidently know when you need to recharge.

The display also gives the current output but this is less precise. You can tell if the battery is outputting more than 2.1A, but that is the limit of this functionality.


The last big perk of the Charmast 20800 is the 3 charging ports. It has 2 standard USB ports and a Type-C. This means that you could potentially power 3 different Raspberry Pis at the same time or you could use it to directly power some peripherals. Either way, a batter that gives more flexibility is always a plus.


Size is the one downside of this battery. If you are looking for something very thin and portable, this might not be your option. The Charmast is 5.7″x2.63″x0.98″. An inch is pretty thick for portable batteries these days. It’s still not a deal-breaker for me but if space is important to you, then you may want to go with a smaller device such as the Charmast Slim 10000mAh battery. The 10000mAh version of this batter is almost half as thick, giving you significantly more flexibility if your project is space-sensitive.


The Price of the Charmast isn’t unreasonable. It is on the higher end for power banks, falling in the $30-$40 range. This may seem like it is overpriced but when you take into consideration the capacity of this battery, the price per mAh is actually very reasonable. If you are looking to go with something a little bit cheaper, you can always go with the thinner Charmast Slim that runs about $10 cheaper.